Incorporated in early 2009, WOMAR began as a 50/50 joint venture between Heidmar, Inc and other investors. Headquartered in Singapore, we operated the Marida Tanker Pool (10-14kdwt Coated IMO II Tankers) and later expanded our partners to include other tanker pools – Stainless Tanker Pool (19-25kdwt Stainless IMO II ships) and Sakura Tanker Pool (Aframax Tankers).

In April 2014, we marked a new milestone when BW Group acquired Heidmar’s 50% stake in WOMAR. The Group made a purchase of 11x 20kdwt Stainless Steel IMO II chemical tankers, entrusting the commercial management of the entire fleet to WOMAR.

In Sep 2019, FDX Offshore based in Westport, Connecticut acquired Womar. The purpose of the Womar/ FDX Offshore relationship is to build the best independent pool operator in the shipping industry. Anchored in Womar’s current chemical tanker pools, the partnership intends to both expand its chemical tanker & product tanker pools by adding Orca Tankers Pool (25- 29k DWT IMO II ships) and Denali Tankers Pool (30- 40k DWT ships) as well as initiate and grow independent pools in other classes of ships.

Today, we continue our founding quest as specialists in the commercial asset management of chemical and oil tankers. We trade worldwide with a focus on chemicals, vegetable oils, clean and dirty petroleum products and crude oil.



Generate value for vessel owners and our business partners and establish ourselves as the most trusted and
best performing name in the shipping industry


Provide most reliable, efficient, high quality and safe operation in most transparent manner


Transparency is the gate to success


Leadership Through Service




WOMAR’s pool partners play an important role in fulfilling our commitment to our clients. They uphold stringent standards of vessel management, thus enabling us to deliver first-rate solutions that meet our charterers’ needs.

Marida Tanker Pool

Type: coated IMO II chemical tankers

Tonnage: 10K – 15k dwt

Legal entity: Marida Tankers Inc. (incorporated in May 2005)

Fleet details: Epoxy and Marine Line coated, built 2004/11 from top class shipyards, with all having Bow thrusters, majority having IGS, segregations ranging from 6 to 14, with high Oil Major Standards

Stainless Tanker Pool

Type: stainless IMO II chemical tankers

Tonnage: 19 – 25kdwt

Legal entity: Stainless Tankers Inc. (incorporated in October 2014)

Fleet details: Built 2003/17 from reputable shipyards mostly in Japan, with all having bow thrusters, nitrogen generators, segregations ranging from 20 to 26. With a substantial new building programme, this fleet of Tankers is expected to grow in the coming years.

Orca Tankers Inc

Orca Tankers Inc Type: IMO II chemical tankers

Tonnage: 24 – 30kdwt

Legal entity: Orca Tankers Inc. (incorporated in Feb 2020)

Fleet details: Epoxy and Marine Line coated from top class shipyards having IGS/ N2, segregations ranging from 14 to 20, with high Oil Major Standards.

Denali Tankers Inc

Denali Tankers Inc Type: Handy

Tonnage: 30 – 40kdwt

Legal entity: Denali Tankers Inc. (incorporated in May 2020)

Fleet details: Coated from top class shipyards having IGG/ N2, segregations ranging from 7 to 16, with high Oil Major Standards.