We offer charterers several advantages of trading with us.

Large number of tankers

Our pools are empowered to operate a significantly large number of IMO II and Aframax tankers, through the combination of our pool partners’ expertise human resource and state-of-the-art IT tools.

Worldwide network

We trade worldwide and stand committed to service our clients.

Reliability and transparency

With our specialisation in trading chemicals, vegetable oils, clean and dirty petroleum products and crude oil, our clients are assured of reliability in delivery across the globe.


Spot cargo chartering

We carry specific cargo from a load port to a discharge port at a per day or per ton rate

Commercial Management

At WOMAR, our commercial management services allow charterers to maximise profit from their shipping operations. We support clients in optimising their assets by providing holistic solutions ranging from voyage estimates to collection of freight and cost reporting.

Contract of Affreightment

We bring value to the supply chain by providing charterers with assured space on our tonnage at reasonable forecast adjusted to meet customer demand, thereby facilitating the transportation of cargoes to meet unique receiver demands.

Voyage Operations and Post Fixture

Our voyage operations manage all aspects of vessel scheduling and voyage planning to ensure reliable transportation with minimum quality concerns, including arrival, departure, loading, discharging, bunkering, and disbursement accounting. Meanwhile, our post fixture services include handling payment of hire or freight, calculation of despatch or demurrage and resolution of any disputes.

At WOMAR, we are dedicated to creating value for our shipowners and charterers.
To join our pools or engage us for your next shipment, contact us at any of our offices below.